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Do You Make These Mistakes When Styling Your Curly Hair?

So you’ve spent quite a bit of time shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning your curly hair. Now that you’re ready to style it, suddenly it’s a horrible mess!

What just happened?

Let’s back up and take a look at some very common mistakes curly tresses make when styling their hair. We’re betting you’ll find an AHA of your own.

– Don’t flip your head over when washing or styling your hair. This will just cause massive tangles. Can you say, rat’s nest?

– Use products as instructed . Curly hair needs more product because of its drier texture. It the directions say to apply liberally, then do so!

– Define curls with detangling tools like a wide-tooth comb.

– Don’t use too many products . A ton of product just starves hair of natural moisture and creates excessive build up.

– Do incorporate a styling product. You do need a styling product to minimize fuzz and maximize hold. Just don’t go overboard with multiple products.

There’s no need to spend a lot of time on your hair without getting the results you want. These simple, tried and true techniques work.

Try them and then let us hear from youJ


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Come out looking like a ‘Super Model’ for Christmas and friends green with envy!!!

Call now 49612822








This Christmas be sure to put Joico’s essential hair saving gift packs at the very top of your check list. With most of the packs this year including the added bonus of Joico’s revolutionary new hero product Revitaluxe, you can take home the ultimate pack in hair repair and reconstruction. K-­PAK RevitaLuxe Restorative Treatment uses groundbreaking technology to instantly transform overly-­stressed and compromised strands into luxuriously soft, strong and healthy hair.

Once again, Joico offers gift sets catering to every hair type incorporating products suitably packaged together to make for this seasons’s must-­have beauty buy.

Explore the range of Christmas pack options below and choose the perfect gift for anyone who desires beautifully tamed tresses.

Also available in Body Luxe and Silk Result!



Coming soon to Kokum Hair…

SHOW PONY temporary Human remy A+ Hair clip in extensions made of the finest quality human remy A+ hair.

Heat resistant for all styling needs, comes in a variety of colours, from 3 pieces to 7 pieces, 18″ and 20″ and also can

be coloured and cut in to suit your hair. For more information on Show Pony Hair Extensions call us on 49612822 🙂


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Well kokum has the answer for you! Cliniscalp is your answer and the newest product to our salon!
This 3 step daily regimen ensures an optimal scalp environment to maximize your hair’s natural growth potential!
85% of people were satisifed with results after just 1 WEEK of use!
Call us on 49612822 for more info! 🙂

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Valentines Day

posted by admin

Vday poster for gcast

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Christmas Opening Hours

Monday 18th Dec: CLOSED

Tuesday 19th Dec: 9am to 8pm

Wednesday 20th Dec: 9am to 8pm

Thursday 21st Dec: 9am to 8pm

Friday 22nd Dec: 9am to 6pm

Saturday 23rd Dec: 8am to 4pm

Kokum Hair Skin and Body will be CLOSED from Christmas eve, Sunday the 24th of December and re open on Tuesday the 2nd of January

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Tis the season christmas deals

‘Tis the Season for purchasing your loved one, work collegue and special friends a choice of specialized gift vouchers from our Kokum Beauty Space, on level 1 @145b Beaumont Street Hamilton. You can even select a specified dollar donomination aswell. At Kokum we have got you covered this festive season! Call now on (02) 4961 2822 or pop into the salon and see one of our friendly staff

Beauty package deals now available:

30min Facial & 30min Massage ONLY $99

30min Facial, Manicure & Pedicure ONLY $140

1 Hour Warm Stone Massage & 1 Hour Facial ONLY $180

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What Can You Get Out Of Hair Extensions

What Can You Get Out Of Hair Extensions

Some may think that hair extensions are just for fashion but they can be literally life changing! When you finally get to live the hair fantasy you never thought you could have it’s pretty amazing.

So how can hair extensions change your life? Here are the benefits you can get from them:

– Improves your hair texture. This makes the overall texture of your hair smoother and softer.

– Adds volume. For women with fine, thin, limp hair, they can’t believe the dramatic difference that hair extensions make.

– Adds length. Women with slow growing hair despair of ever having longer locks. With hair extensions, you can lengthen hair in a matter of a few hours!

– Adds fullness. Get more body and bounce with extensions.

– Adds new life to dull, damaged hair. Grow out damaged hair and camouflage it with extensions.

Appearance is important to everyone, even if they don’t openly say so. And having the locks you want can certainly boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Call Us On 02 4961 2822

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Snack On This For Healthy Skin

posted by Lissa Logan

Snacking usually coincides with junk food like chips, pretzels, chocolates and so on. But did you know there are some foods that you can snack on that are good for your skin?

Snacks that contain fiber, protein and healthy fats help your skin.

Nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and can help diminish wrinkles. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts are rich in omega 3’s and also offer skin-plumping benefits.

Dark chocolate is known to be beneficial to our health. It also aids in having smoother and moist skin. Mixing strawberries with dark chocolate is a succulent treat and are both high with antioxidants.

Instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips or pretzels, opt for sweet potato chips that are rich in vitamins A and C. Or hummus with gluten-free crackers, they break down quickly in your body.

All these alternatives are better for your body. The important thing here is to gradually move away from very processed snacks. Initially, you might not feel as satisfied, but as your tastes change—and they will—you’ll find you eat less and look healthier!

Call Us On 02 4961 2822

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